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Robot Wars

No blood ever flows, just oil...

Robot Wars are battles between mechanical monsters, with brute force opposing cunning tactics and where clever weapons try to defeat armored designs and brilliant defenses.

Here are some Robot Wars links...

Robot Wars USA, San Francisco

Official site by Marc Thorpe, president and founder, e-mail:
There has been a dispute over the 'Robot Wars' organization and trademark, rendering the organization almost dead. The trademark is up for sale.

1998 Fifth Robot Wars cancelled, article by Wired Magazine.
Other Wired articles:
RoboTour '98: Good bots, bad bots; a tour by Lego Mindstorms
Rambos with Rivets, about Robotica '98 preparations (which in its turn was cancelled)
Robot Wars 1997 report
1997 Fourth Robot Wars, article by Robot Magazine.
Other Robot Magazine articles:
Warriors Start Your Holy Quest Here. (Lots of practical electronic, electronical, and metalworking links.)
Design Tips Ideas from lots of robots
Power Supplies Robots need lots of juice
Fire-Fighting Contest Autonomous fire-fighting robots at Trinity College
Western Canada Robot Games A taste of Canadian home brew
U of Wisc Triathlon Madison's Annual Robot Obstacle Course
MIROSOT World Championships Autonomous robot soccer

1996 Third Robot Wars, report by ZDNet, with interviews

1995 Second Robot Wars

Robot Wars UK

Official Homepage, now showing on the BBC every Friday.

Unofficial page by Tracie

Tripod members

Jerome - Biodome and Knome

Burna - Team Nitros


UK '98 Contestant

Joe's Robotics Page:
The Kronos Project
Links page, including robotics

Team Minus Zero ('94, '95, '96)

Team Delta

Team Spike ('96, '97, '98)

The Mulcher ('95). Check out Mulcher's too-violent-for-primetime design. Also, some 1995 video clips (QuickTime, 7-10 MB each).

KillerHurtz ('98 UK)

Dangerous Machines - UK contestant with lots of competition info (Series II rehearsal with over 100 images, Series II entrants) and RealVideo clips

Various robotics pages

Robot Wars webring (ring of sites)

Robot contests and competitions FAQ with list of events (Nov. 20, 1997)

The Robot Challenge - A battle contest to be held on April 17, 1999 in Long Reach, Maryland, USA

Quest Press, creators of Wing Commander. Also builders of robots. They are offering a Robot Wars '97 video ($20, NTSC).

Seattle Robotics Society

Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Robot Wars forum

Society Of Robot Combat (SORC) and SORC forum

Robot Books, with a links page (components, competitions, clubs)

Robot Store

Curt's Robot Wars Info

Robotics links

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